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15 JUNE 2019

Somebody Pray

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[ About Us ]

The Mandate
(And the Lord said to me…)
Ignite a passion for prayer and supplication in the hearts of Nigeria’s next generation of believers
The Message
(The word we received…)
1. 1 Timothy 1:18
2. Isaiah 66:8
3. Psalm 2:8
4. Psalm 145:4
5. Acts 4:31
The Moment
(the Date when heaven touches earth through our unified cry…)
Saturday 09 June 2018; 8am -5pm
The Mission
(The objectives of this divine assignment are…)
Positioning the next generation through prayer for the move of God in Nigeria.
Mobilizing an apostolic generation in Nigeria, who will permeate every sector with the agenda of the kingdom of God.
Awakening the next generation of leaders in Nigeria to their prophecy and destiny in God.
Mobilizing a united, deliberate, strategic and purposeful generation in the place of prayer.
Create an atmosphere for God encounters and introduce the next generation to the supernatural in the place of prayer.
The Method
(The approach for execution…)
50 days of consecration, commitment, and commissioning
Commenced from Thursday, April 19 and ending on Friday, June 8
8 watches daily: 12am, 3am, 6am, 9am, 12pm, 3pm, 6pm and 9pm.
The Meeting
(this is the Ground Zero where the encounters will occur in prayer…)
Several locations across the Country
The Model
(This is the design for implementation…)
Generation 40 and below who want to seek God, encounter God and position themselves for the next move of God in and through Nigeria.
The Movement
(the ‘regiment’ called to implement the mandate)
A Generation of believers 40 and under
The Medium
(this is where you come in…)
Please accept this invitation to partner with us in birthing this mandate by being one of our selected Voices for mobilization and publicity.
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