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There is a set of people currently permeating every sector of life. Their look is unique; their lifestyle has an intriguing spiritual root. They are peculiar people chosen by God to show forth his praise. More interestingly, they have chosen to be all that God has chosen them to be. Their mind is made up. Their most natural state is that of righteousness, power, and glory. They are simply CHOICE SOULS!


God is a transgenerational God. His plans and purposes must be revealed and manifested from one generation to another. His word, wonders, and works must be shown to the ones upon whom the end of the age is coming.

A generation must be birthed into God. A fresh baptism into prayer, the word of the Lord and the Holy Spirit that will unleash the sons of the kingdom into every sphere of human endeavor. This is what we desire at this camp meeting.

This camp meeting is a DIVINE DELIVERY ROOM(DDR) for all who are pregnant with a word from God. Those who have been inseminated by divine destiny, ideas, ministries, and assignments will without fail, PUSH out their babies.

God is sending us prophetic midwives who will facilitate the delivery of a next generation passionate and purposeful in the pursuit of God's end time agenda. We must posture ourselves to receive the Baton that is being transferred to us already in the spirit and run our race on course into our prophetic destiny.

Camp meeting this year will see visions, ideas, ministries, organizations and assignments unleashed upon and through a company of hungry and ready hearts of a generation who must fulfill God's call to transform the nations, particularly our nation.


Come ready!

Gideon Mba, President of Choice Souls Media

CHOICE SOULS MEDIA is a network of believers with a strong passion for seeing every sphere of human endeavor influenced by Kingdom values

To raise a global network of believers empowered to permeate, influence and impact every sphere of human endeavour with the core values of the Kingdom of God.


To the intent that now the manifold wisdom of God might be made known by the Church to the principalities and powers in the heavenly places. Ephesians 3:10 and Isaiah 2:2-4